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Did You Know?

The average business has $30,000.00 worth of computer data.  We have found that many of them have little or no protection at all.


The failure rate for hard drives, tape drives, floppy disks, CD's, DVD's, zip disks, external hard drives, thumb drives and USB Flash media is 100%.


It is cheaper, safer and more reliable to use a trusted online backup company than conducting your backups in-house.



Most small offices spend an average $89/Mo. on their coffee and break room supplies, but fail to allocate any money toward a reliable Backup and  Recovery solution.



In the event of fire, flood, or theft, your critical business data is the only thing that cannot be replaced by a trip to your local office supply store.  In fact, due to the complicated nature of calculating the value of data, most insurance policies limit the amount of coverage for computer data, files and records.


7 out of 10 SMB's know their existing (or non-existent) backup solution is inadequate, but yet they continue to postpone taking the corrective actions to reduce their risk of data loss.  Is this you?




R.O.B.A.R. Technologies is owned and operated by its U.S. based parent company Hughes Computer Services, Inc. of Spokane, WA.  All of our offices, data centers and employees are also based in the United States. 


Hughes Computer Services, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is the parent company of several technology products and groups.  Some of our other services include Data Recovery, Secure Managed File Transfer, Network Design and Management, and many other custom services designed to meet the ongoing needs of small to medium sized businesses (SMB's).


Our firsthand knowledge of providing professional data recovery services gives us an edge when developing a Disaster Recovery package like R.O.B.A.R. Technologies for SMB's.  We know how important backing up your critical data is because we help thousands of customers every year recover data that wasn't properly backed up.


If experience has taught us one thing, it is that properly backing up your data is considerably less expensive than going through a full blown recovery process, where the average cost for a desktop hard drive can exceed well over $1800.00.

Security & Reliability:  R.O.B.A.R. Technologies was built from the ground up with two things in mind; Security and Reliability. 


R.O.B.A.R. is secure in the sense that we use True 448-Bit Blowfish encryption and 256-Bit Secure SSL transfer tunnels to our redundant servers.  This means that each and every file is completely wrapped in multiple layers of security before the files ever leave your computer, they are secure during transit, and they are secured during storage.  Not even R.O.B.A.R. Technicians have access to your data file as they are stored using your private encryption keys that only you have.  We DO NOT keep secondary keys on our servers or in our facilities.


The reliability of R.O.B.A.R. is best summarized in this way; we offer the industry's only online backup service that comes with an ironclad Data Recovery Guarantee.  If for any reason a R.O.B.A.R. customer is unable to retrieve a data file backed up by a R.O.B.A.R. Technologies, we will pay for your professional data recovery services.  If your current backup solution isn't willing to put their money where there mouth is, you should reconsider your backup solution!


Compliancy:  R.O.B.A.R. Technologies is compliant with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley.  Only R.O.B.A.R. customers have access to their data.  Also, R.O.B.A.R. Technologies is a U.S. based company and our data centers reside inside the United States, unlike many other highly advertised online backup companies.


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